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Understanding Quirky San Francisco Before Your Move

On average, over 49,000 people move to San Francisco every year, and you may soon be one of them. While it’s a dynamic city with much to see and do, San Francisco also has its quirks. If you’re planning a move there—whether you’ve spent time in the city or have limited experience with it—here are a few things to keep in mind:
  1. Weather – It can be cold in the summer and sunny in the winter, so expect the unexpected on the day you arrive with your San Francisco movers. That means bring warm layers to shed when the sun comes out, and to put back on when the fog rolls in. The city can also be windy at times. But no matter what the weather is doing, there is no shortage of breathtaking views to gaze at when you need a break from unpacking those boxes.
  2. Hills – Speaking of views, you probably know that San Francisco is full of hills, which account for many of those vistas. However, some of those hills are pretty steep. If you plan to bring your car, learn the locals’ trick of turning the wheels into or away from the curb, depending if you’re facing downhill or up. Why? For one thing, it’s the law. And the reason is safety. Should your brakes go out, your car will roll into the curb—instead of down the street, into traffic, or into a neighboring car.
  3. Parking – Along with curbing your car, get into the habit of checking for street sweeping signs and maximum parking limits. Parking spaces are at a premium in the city, and when combined with street sweeping days and a general rule that you’ll need to move your car after 72 hours, parking in San Francisco can get interesting. Take comfort, though: you will learn the ins and outs eventually. And if all else fails, there are plenty of public transportation options, not to mention walking, as a convenient way to get from here to there.
No doubt you have already put a lot of time and effort into preparations for your move. For another idea, check out how creating an inventory list before you move can help you keep track of precious items and valuables. And while relocating to any big city can feel daunting, remember that it’s also an exciting time. Learning what makes San Francisco unique will help you feel more at home when you arrive.

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