Interstate Moving Services


Long Distance Moving

As a full-service moving company, Green Planet Movers has helped relocate many individuals, families and businesses across the United States. Long distance moving jobs often require the use of professional moving companies to handle all the logistics of such a large scale job.

Long distance moving involves increased safety measures, as your valuables and belongings often must travel across state lines and sit in a truck for an extended period of time. Green Planet Movers always ensures that your items are cautiously loaded and secured before long distance transit. Additionally, we employ a state-of-the-art dispatch system to better keep you updated on your long distance moving team’s progress and the estimated arrival time of your possessions at your new home or office.

After you’ve made the journey across the state or country, the last thing you want to do is worry about unloading your items and unpacking. Settling in can be a long process, so we invite you to use Green Planet Movers to unpack and place your items in your new location, while you go out and familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood and city.


Commercial Moving Services

commercial-moving-servicesCommercial moving or relocating a business is the most involved type of moving process out there. Commercial moving involves not only the relocation of the physical business, but also most current employees, their homes, families and all of their belongings to a new city or state.

Green Planet Movers will work as your local or long distance relocation specialist when it comes to moving your business. We can collaborate with all parties that are involved in a commercial move, such as moving planners, packers, staff liaisons and more so that you may focus on the bigger picture: getting your business relocated with virtually no downtime. Our seamless commercial relocation services can ensure that your employees can get settled in their new homes without additional stress or hassle.

Green Planet Movers will be there for you and your company on the destination side of the move as well, to answer questions, unload belongings at your office or the homes of your employees, assist with unpacking and provide moving support and assistance for any one that may need it. Our professional commercial movers will warmly welcome your team to their new homes and office!


All-Inclusive Moving Services

vip-moving-servicesAs a full-service moving company, Green Planet Movers offers an all-inclusive, white glove moving service. Our all-inclusive moving services cover every aspect of your move from start to finish, so the only thing you have to do is call us, then sit back and think about how to decorate your new home!

White glove moving not only covers the packing, moving and unpacking of your items, but many more services such as a moving coordinator, provision of moving and packing supplies, evaluation and insurance of your belongings, frequent updates on the status of your items, the contracting of cleaning services to get your old and new homes looking their best, and the unpacking, setup, assembly and finishing touches on your personal items once they reach your new home.

Green Planet Movers will cover every single step of your move, A to Z, so that all you have to do is walk into your new place and enjoy all the comforts of home. Our moving company will unpack and place all of your belongings in their proper spots, leaving you the freedom to get out and explore your new neighborhood! Learn more about our white glove moving services by calling Green Planet today!


Storage Services

moving-and-storage-servicesAt Green Planet Movers, we recognize that not every transition from one location to the next can be as seamless as you would like it to go. For this reason, we offer storage services along with your move at our climate controlled and secure storage facilities.

We provide short term storage solutions for when you are going to have some overlap between moving out and moving in at a new place, or to simply give you time to travel across the country. We store items of all types and sizes, including large, small, oversize, fragile, antique, specialty and more. Once you’ve reached your destination and are ready to remove your items from storage, our movers will load them up and deliver them to your new home, apartment or other space of your choosing.

Our nationwide storage facilities are secure, always monitored around the clock, climate controlled and closed to the general public. As our professional movers are the only individuals with access to our storage facilities, we can ensure that your belongings will be kept safe, dry and monitored until you are ready to have them brought to your location.


Packing Services

packing-services-interstate-movingGreen Planet Movers can provide you with packing services and packing supplies for moving locally in town or long distance, across the state or country. Let us securely pack and prepare your belongings for transport to solve one more logistic issue of your upcoming move.

Our services include several different levels of packing and range from complete packing of all your belongings to packing only your fragile or special needs items. We can even wrap and pad oversized and specialty items such as pianos, clocks, sculptures, china cabinets or anything else you can think of! Our packing services include the labeling, sorting, stacking and securing each carton of your belongings to eliminate confusion and damaged or lost items during transit to their new home.

If you would rather pack all of your items for your move yourself, Green Planet Movers can provide you with packing supplies such as tape, markers, inventory stickers and boxes to appropriately fit all of your items. We even have specialty boxes like dish boxes, wardrobe boxes, lamp boxes, picture boxes and more—we’ve got all the packing materials you need for your move!